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The Guide

The Guide is an informative overview of the contemporary art world, listing it's key participants. The focus is from Aotearoa New Zealand encompassing Australia and further relevant international listings. If you think you should be here, why don’t you Contact Us? If you are listed and want a link to your website in your listing, go to Advertise.

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Te Whare Hēra Wellington International Artist Residency

Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro
Artist’s Lecture
6pm Aug. 24

The Pit, Block 12
Massey University


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Abonnenc, Broda, Richards, Songsataya

The Non-Living Agent

11 June - 24 July 2016


Nathan Gray / Phil Dadson

The Shakes / Heavy Metal

7 July (opening: 5.30 pm) - 30 July 2016


Two Rooms presents a program of residencies and projects
by leading international and New Zealand contemporary artists.


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Gunter Umberg, Jude Rae, Callum Innes

A Discreet Vessel

21 July (opening at 5.30) - 13 August 2016


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